The importance of Play!!


Hello! Welcome back, today I want to talk about the importance of play! How often do we take time to play! As children all you want to do is get outside as much as you can and play with a ball, run around, go on your bike or scooter etc. Everything is a game even doing jobs, I used to help tidy up pretending I was cleaning for my hotel!

You may think I’m an adult now I don’t need time for play! I’m busy working, doing my side hustle, looking after children, pets etc I don’t have time for it! Well I’m here to tell you that play is crucial no matter what age you are! So get out there and play!

Here are some things you could do:

1) Go for a run or a walk and make it fun!

2) Go on a bike ride;

3) Play a team sport;

4) Laugh and be silly as much as you can!

5) Watch a funny programme or film;

6) Day dream;

7) Go on a road trip;

8) Have a picnic;

9) Draw/colour/paint;

10) Write something for you;

11) Practice handstands;

12) Dance;

13) Sing;

14) Go to a class to learn how to cook or act or whatever you choose;

15) Look at the clouds and think about what you can see! Does one look like an animal or another object?;

16) Go to the beach or the park;

17) Start collecting things just for the fun of it! Crystals, ornaments, jewellery etc whatever you chose;

18) Use your imagination as much as you can;

19) Go to a friend’s house; and

20) Anything you can think of which you think sounds fun!

Let me know how you get on!

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Girl Power Boss: Chrissie Mclean


Thank you so much for joining me today, I have a very exciting post for you all! My first Girl Power Bosses feature!!! I spoke with the lovely Chrissie Mclean who had lots of brilliant tips for you all. So sit back relax and get ready to learn more.

A little bit about Chrissie:

Chrissie is currently running her own business Bliss Sessions where she provides workshops on meditation and mindfulness.

In May 2004 she had an accident which led her to suffer a brain injury which took 4 years to diagnose. Chrissie really struggled in the beginning with everyday life and doctors told her that she would need a carer and would not be able to do things like travel alone.

In this time she began to turn to meditation to get outside of her thoughts and stop thinking. Her gut instinct told her that this strange feeling wasn’t going to last forever and that she would push past all of the limiting boundaries that the doctors had placed before her.

Chrissie did just that by going back to college to study psychology, learning more about various different holistic therapies such as reiki and traveling around the world. Something that the doctors never thought she would be able to do. How inspiring!!

Daily habits:

Chrissie spends her days doing meditation, writing, teaching classes and one to one coaching sessions.

Chrissie told me that she also likes to spend time remembering her dreams. She told me about this one particular dream where she was surrounded by all these amazing people that she thought would be like her and would be in her tribe of people and she didn’t feel comfortable around them. Chrissie took this as sign telling her not to rush where she wants to be. I think that this is a great message we could all listen to. How many times do we think about the future without appreciating the present?

To find out more about any of Chrissie’s classes etc visit her website to find out more:

The benefits of meditation and tips for readers wanting to change what they are doing:

Chrissie said that she has found many benefits with meditation and likened it to a string of lights. It turns off the lights that don’t serve us anymore and turns on the ones that do.

Chrissie had the following advice for anyone struggling with the job they are in or who are not happy with the job they are in. She said get out of your comfort zone, use mindful breathing to get yourself away from your thoughts and stay true to yourself. Great advice!

Hobbies and travel:

Chrissie has traveled to lots of wonderful places and told me about an amazing trip to America where she booked accommodation for one night in California and then traveled to different places making it up as she went along for 3 weeks until she ended up in Las Vegas!

We talked a little about hobbies and Chrissie told me that she loves to go running, read blogs, watches YouTube videos and only watches Netflix without watching any other TV!! I have to say I was amazed by this!

Inspiration for Chrissie and her takeaway tip:

Chrissie is a big fan of Oprah Winfrey and Jay Shetty.

Her takeaway tip for you all was this “meditation is the key to the future you’ve always dreamed of”.

So that is it our first Girl Power Bosses post. A massive thank you to you for reading and to Chrissie for sharing her truly inspiring story. I hope you’re all as inspired as I was when I heard this story. Please check out her website and her upcoming event in Manchester. The first event she is doing on 9th June 2018 on meditation is absolutely free so check it out. Click on the link and fill in the ticket.

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Time to think about holidays!!


Thank you for taking the time to check out this post! I hope your week is going well. I just wanted to check in with you and introduce you to my plans for the travel section of the blog.

After looking at self care earlier on in the week it got me thinking about the ultimate opportunity for self care… holiday time! It’s a great chance to switch off, relax and unwind from the daily stresses of everyday life!

I thought now would be a good time to introduce my plans for future posts about travel. In this blog I will be looking at places I have traveled to, places I am going to and maybe places I want to go to as well.

I currently have no plans to go away but I cannot wait until I book my next trip! I love traveling to different places, exploring different cultures and sites.

Last year I went to Paris and Edinburgh I had a great time seeing the main attractions and shopping of course! I will comment in more detail about these trips in future posts.

My friend made an interesting suggestion the other day, she suggested that I should try going on a short break alone. To tell you the truth I’m not sure that it is ever something that I would have considered if she hadn’t of mentioned it. I can see the positives to it: it would be a great time to relax, you wouldn’t have to please anyone else or think about what they want to do. Having said that though I kind of think that it can be the people who you go with that make the trip. Not only do you have the experience together but you also have the memories to talk about over and over again.

Any thoughts on this guys? Any one been on a trip alone?Please let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions on where I should go for my next trip. Please also follow my blog and then you will be sent an email every time there is a new post.