The importance of Play!!


Hello! Welcome back, today I want to talk about the importance of play! How often do we take time to play! As children all you want to do is get outside as much as you can and play with a ball, run around, go on your bike or scooter etc. Everything is a game even doing jobs, I used to help tidy up pretending I was cleaning for my hotel!

You may think I’m an adult now I don’t need time for play! I’m busy working, doing my side hustle, looking after children, pets etc I don’t have time for it! Well I’m here to tell you that play is crucial no matter what age you are! So get out there and play!

Here are some things you could do:

1) Go for a run or a walk and make it fun!

2) Go on a bike ride;

3) Play a team sport;

4) Laugh and be silly as much as you can!

5) Watch a funny programme or film;

6) Day dream;

7) Go on a road trip;

8) Have a picnic;

9) Draw/colour/paint;

10) Write something for you;

11) Practice handstands;

12) Dance;

13) Sing;

14) Go to a class to learn how to cook or act or whatever you choose;

15) Look at the clouds and think about what you can see! Does one look like an animal or another object?;

16) Go to the beach or the park;

17) Start collecting things just for the fun of it! Crystals, ornaments, jewellery etc whatever you chose;

18) Use your imagination as much as you can;

19) Go to a friend’s house; and

20) Anything you can think of which you think sounds fun!

Let me know how you get on!

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Good Vibes!!!


Welcome back! I hope you are well! Thank you so much for joining me! Today I want to talk about good vibes! Sometimes I find that people often moan for the sake of moaning but what they don’t realise is that when they are putting out these negative vibes they are actually getting them back in return!

You see we are all made up of energy and the universe is too, so what we put out is what we will receive. Beliefs and thoughts create our reality! We have to be mindful of both our conscious and our subconscious thoughts! We are a magnet for things that have the same vibrational frequencies as us and we repel the ones that are different to us.

We need to concentrate on shifting our negative, limiting beliefs to allow ourselves to show up as the best version of ourselves. Identify where you are holding onto any negative energies and just let them go. Practice forgiveness for when you have done so in the past and move forwards.

Some people are so desperate to see the bad in others, to think negatively about them, when they don’t have the full picture. Yes there are bad people in this world but there are more good people. Focus on the good people and the good things in life. Let’s raise our vibrations and attract positivity! Make other people smile by sharing what you learn. You could start by sharing this post. Remember to look after yourself first so you can look after others.

Surround yourself with positive people and protect yourself from negative ones.

I would recommend getting some crystals to do this! I would recommend the following:-

Rose quartz allows you to get to know your true self and to love that true self in all its beauty. It opens up the heart for giving and receiving love.

Black Obsidian helps to release disharmony and negative energy from your life. Carry it with you especially if you know you will be surrounded by negative vibes!Get clarity on what you want and why you want it. Don’t be afraid to ask the universe for what your heart truly desires be specific in your request so that the universe can pick it up! Also remember that you will have to put in some work too. There is no magic wand I’m afraid!

Act as if you already have what you want. Have faith in yourself that you will achieve what you want and the universe will be there to catch you if you fall. I will do a more detailed post on manifesting what you want soon, let me know if you would be interested in this.

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