Girl power design book July’s Book club choices


Hello, welcome back! I hope you’re all doing well! As some of you may know from my earlier post I’m taking a bit of a break this month. I would urge you to look at your calendar and do the same, cut back on some things for a month to refresh and regroup. Summer is a great time for this! For example ditch the gym and get outside, make self care more of a priority etc. It’s important to mix things up and give yourself a break. You can always go back to things. Okay enough of that onto today’s post!

The books for July’s book club are:

1) Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell

This is another book by Rebecca Campbell who featured on June’s Book Club! Rise Sister Rise is about embracing your true femininity in times where it’s no longer a man’s world. This book looks really interesting looking at self care and spirituality!

2) Like She Owns the Place by Cara Alwill Leyba

In this book Cara talks about how she achieved her own confidence and how you can do the same. She touches on topics such as how to trust yourself to know what is best for you and to look at what truly matters and not things like how skinny you are etc.

I can’t wait to read both of these books!! Please let me know how you get on! Don’t forget I will be reviewing these books at the end of the month and may look to include comments so let me know what you think! Feel free to comment below with any thoughts and to follow us on our social media pages. Our details are below:-





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