The importance of Play!!


Hello! Welcome back, today I want to talk about the importance of play! How often do we take time to play! As children all you want to do is get outside as much as you can and play with a ball, run around, go on your bike or scooter etc. Everything is a game even doing jobs, I used to help tidy up pretending I was cleaning for my hotel!

You may think I’m an adult now I don’t need time for play! I’m busy working, doing my side hustle, looking after children, pets etc I don’t have time for it! Well I’m here to tell you that play is crucial no matter what age you are! So get out there and play!

Here are some things you could do:

1) Go for a run or a walk and make it fun!

2) Go on a bike ride;

3) Play a team sport;

4) Laugh and be silly as much as you can!

5) Watch a funny programme or film;

6) Day dream;

7) Go on a road trip;

8) Have a picnic;

9) Draw/colour/paint;

10) Write something for you;

11) Practice handstands;

12) Dance;

13) Sing;

14) Go to a class to learn how to cook or act or whatever you choose;

15) Look at the clouds and think about what you can see! Does one look like an animal or another object?;

16) Go to the beach or the park;

17) Start collecting things just for the fun of it! Crystals, ornaments, jewellery etc whatever you chose;

18) Use your imagination as much as you can;

19) Go to a friend’s house; and

20) Anything you can think of which you think sounds fun!

Let me know how you get on!

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