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Welcome back! It’s Thursday so it’s time for another Girl Power Boss post!!! Today’s post is with the lovely Charlie Goodman! Okay let’s get started!

Please tell me a little about what you are doing now and how you got there?

Charlie: I work full time and in any spare time I have hustle with Isagenix on the side. After my third little girl Rosey sunshine, I had weight to loose which I couldn’t shift, but more than that I was completely lost. I had no idea who I was anymore and felt like I was on auto pilot. I didn’t smile as much, didn’t enjoy things as much and was missing out. I am a big social person, I have always had lots of friends and done my own thing, but I got caught up with doing what I thought you did and who you were supposed to be when you became a wife and got married, I couldn’t remember who Charlie was.

I was introduced to Isagenix by a friend of mine as a weight-loss solution but it became more than that as I wanted what she had, passion, energy a zest for life and most importantly an actual life outside of her family. Everything I used to be. So I joined up and it has been literally life changing! I’m back and I’m not listening to those people who tore me down anymore.

Now I’m doing the same for other women by giving them a chance to get back to them and to start enjoying life again.

Please tell me what a day in your life looks like?

Charlie: My day is hectic, haha! A mess pretty much, I am so unorganised. I pretend I am not but I am. My husband and I are up in the morning getting the kiddies ready for school and daycare. It’s always a race, as we seem to be running behind. My kids are dropped off at school and daycare by 7:00/7:30 am and I’m at work by 7:30/8:00 then its pretty much “work work work work work” and in amongst it I take what ever time I can get, to read up on any interesting posts they have in chardonnay and slay, my business chat group and the isagenix website.  We’re home by 5:30/6:00 pm dinner, bath and bed for kiddies and me on some nights. Then it’s time for bedroom tag, till about 8:00 pm trying to get the monkeys to stay in their bed and go to sleep then it’s me time. This is where I do what ever household thing I fancy, cos I don’t do all of them mainly washing up, tidying and getting ready for the next day. Then it’s time for a cup of tea or a glass of wine and I’m on my phone chatting to others about work, following up leads, chatting to friends and family and designing new posts. I’m a multi tasker at home I have to be.

I don’t have a planned scheduled because that’s not me, I wouldn’t follow it. I work whenever I have time.

What advice would you have for women reading this who are not happy with what they are doing?

Charlie: My advice for anyone who is not happy in their life is to put yourself first sometimes, see how you feel and don’t apologise for it to anyone you deserve it. I make crazy decisions all of the time because I’m emotionally fuelled. I’ve learnt that my best decisions come from when I’m thinking about me and coming from a place of love and respect for myself.

What hobbies or practices do you do to stay relaxed and creative?

Charlie: My relaxing time and stress free time is being with girlfriends, being social with my friends or my sister and my mum. That’s how I relax and how I get back to being me. This could be a coffee catch up, a dinner or wild night out but that’s how I get into my happy place and then I feel like I could take on the world, my energy is buzzing and my creativity runs wild!

What project are you working on at the moment?

Charlie: Currently I am working on building my business slowly but surely. I know there are lots of women out there who were like me and I’m here to help. It’s not about being skinny but at the end of the day no matter what people say how you look impacts how you feel about yourself and that in turn affects everything. I was miserable, lost and a lot of that was because of my weight. Unfortunately I got into a vicious circle of thinking I was fat, wanting to comfort eat but then growing bigger.

I lost the weight that made me unhappy. I’m not a size 8, I’m a 12 but I’m happy. I love my body and I love me.

Its all about your perfect you, the one where you love how you look, and how you look is your choice, no one else’s because it all starts with self love!

Empowered is the new skinny…. That’s my project!

How to get in touch with Charlie:

Facebook: Charlie Goodman

Thanks for sharing Charlie! Another inspiring post!

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