Girl Power Boss: Lisa Gust


Welcome back to Girl Power Bosses! I hope you enjoyed last week’s post. If you haven’t read it then please check it out!

Okay let’s get started.

A little about Lisa, what she is doing and how she got there:

Lisa is a copywriter and translator. Her journey started when she was living in London as an Executive Assistant. She thought she had her dream job, it was full of all the things she loved, organising, planning and arranging events. However over time she began to realise that it wasn’t right for her. She was fed up of 9 to 5 and wanted a change.

So one day she decided to do something pretty drastic and handed in her notice and move to Brighton with only a few months savings to live off. Lisa had no idea about what she wanted to do and then the idea came to her. She decided to apply for part time jobs while she built up a copywriting and interpreting business. However that didn’t seem to work either. Lisa applied for over 100 jobs but no one seemed to hire her and so she decided to concentrate solely on her business. This worked and over time she slowly built up her business.

A day in the life of Lisa:

Lisa’s days are very varied. She is not a morning person and so often wakes up about 8, scrolls through her social media, has her breakfast and then gets ready then work. She then starts working on any projects she has, she will spend time marketing her business and looking for future clients. Lisa is in her first year of business and so said that she is still building her business up and spends time working in the evenings and weekends. However this is a job with more flexibility than her 9 to 5 and she enjoys it!

Advice for women who are fed up of what they are doing and are in desperate need of a change:

Lisa said that her advice would be that there is always a way out. Although she admitted that she would necessarily recommend quitting job without knowing what to do. She said to spend time looking at what you are passionate about and trying to do something related to that. Lisa it may be scary but you need to jump.

Lisa’s hobbies:

Lisa loves reading, mainly crime novels and Harry Potter but that Alice in Wonderland was her favourite book of all. Lisa also loves to travel and the end of June, she is going to go on a world trip starting in Egypt. How exciting!

Takeaway tip:

Lisa said that her advice would be to have the confidence to fulfil your dreams! That it may be difficult at times but that it is always worth it in the end. She also said encourage other women around you to do the same!

Where can we find out more:

Check out Lisa’s website and blog at

Well I don’t know about you but I feel really inspired by that post! So let’s go out there and follow those dreams. Let’s lift each other up instead of dragging each other down. Remember my affirmation from my other post we can and we will watch us!!!

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6 thoughts on “Girl Power Boss: Lisa Gust

  1. I am VERY inspired by Lisa’s story and am about to take the plunge myself. I will not return to teaching after this school year is over. I have been blogging for a year and a half now and know that I simply can’t go another year NOT living out the vision for our lives. I have taken out my retirement savings and will love on that for the next year while I figure it out. Thanks for sharing Lisa’s journey.

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