Push past your fear and do it anyway


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Today I want to speak to you about fear. How many times have you let fear get in the way of something that you wanted to do? How many times have you said no because you were too scared?

It is time to stop thinking what if this or that and just go for it! You never know until you try and it usually works out much better than you think.

We have to get past this fear in order to get to the next level with where we want to be. Have faith that you will get there, step away from any past demons holding you back and go for it.

So next time you think I can’t, I’m too scared, what if this or that. Remember that only you are stopping yourself and that this is just another part of the test before you reach the next level.

Try new things, speak to new people and see what happens! I have found affirmations to be really helpful with this. So next time you are panicking repeat to yourself something as simple as “I can and I will do it”. “I am a available for success, I am not available for fear”.

I guarantee that this will help you and you will become more positive and confident with what ever you are doing.

Remember to take the time to encourage others too, if someone joins your exercise class or says hi to you at a networking group, be open, friendly and encouraging towards them. It will help them to feel better, you could make a new friend and next time you are in that position maybe someone else might be like that towards you too. I’m a big believer of Karma, what comes around goes around.

So this week when you are getting on with what you are doing take some time to think what is fear stopping me from doing? What would I really like to do but I’m not doing? How can I go and do it? Encourage others to do the same!

Please let me know what brilliant ideas you come up with and what you decide to try. Please also feel free to comment below with any thoughts you may have on this topic.


9 thoughts on “Push past your fear and do it anyway

  1. Fear is something I used to grapple with. I faced it after speaking to our Priest. He provided such wonderful insight and advice that I practice to this day.


  2. I have been examining my own fear since probably the start of the year.. every day I am trying to find a way to push myself out of my comfort zone and go for what I want. It’s a tough journey but the outcomes have been amazing!

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  3. I was always scared to do things or what people would think. My mom gave me good advice, “If you never ask, you will never know, you will never receive.” And, “These people won’t matter today, tomorrow, or a year from now. Do it, say it, and don’t ever let fear tear you down.” I’ve become much more confident and bolder over the years.

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    1. Aww I love that advice thanks for sharing. It is difficult sometimes to not think about what others might think of you but it’s hard to second guess people so we shouldn’t really try. We often judge others and ourselves too easily and we also use the imposter syndrome thinking who are we to try that etc but we need to try and push past it all and move forwards.


  4. Fear is something that has held me back from really working my business. I will no longer let that be the case. I start my day with meditation and I constantly speak positive things about my business. I feel it’s been helpful

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